Investing in a Legacy of Success

bobGoldberg_sm.jpge_mendenhall.jpgWe’ve just come back from the 2018 President’s Circle Conference. RPAC and, specifically, President’s Circle had a banner year in 2017, breaking records with 35% member participation and 1,207 President’s Circle members, respectively. This year’s President’s Circle Conference was no different with more than 1,500 attendees and a stellar line-up of speakers. The event also led to record investments, totaling more than $178,000.

For those of you who are not familiar with this RPAC Program, President’s Circle allows REALTORS® to contribute directly to REALTOR® Champions at the federal level. Why? Federal election law prohibits RPAC from making more than $10,000 in direct contributions to any single federal candidate during an election cycle – a pittance in today’s age of multi-million dollar congressional races. However, individual members may make contributions of their own. As a result, NAR member contributions routinely exceed $100,000 for each Member of Congress chosen for President’s Circle support. This level of financial strength ensures our REALTOR® Champion candidates have the financial resources they need to successfully seek re-election and continue advocating for public policy positions shared by REALTORS®. To date, nearly $12 million in direct contributions to have been given to 151 candidates from 47 states*.

The President’s Circle Conference is a two-day annual meeting that gives President’s Circle members the opportunity to meet and hear from congressional leaders and staff, and political and public policy experts to discuss salient issues. This year, South Carolina Senator and REALTOR® Champion Tim Scott inspired the crowd, thanking our members and staff for their bipartisan support of homeownership. He noted that, “financial independence is the cornerstone of the American Dream,” and told personal stories of his close relationship with his Federal Political Coordinator, Michael Sally, and the support he received during the tax reform debate.

We encourage you to learn more about President’s Circle, and hope to continue breaking records and seeing more friendly faces at the 2019 President’s Circle Conference.


*This figure does not include national political party contributions.

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Phoenix REALTORS®’ Creativity Leads to Sweeping RPAC Investments

With more than 9,200 members, the only sure-fire way for a mega-board like the Phoenix Association of REALTORS® (PAR) to get the attention of its full membership is to tie information to its dues renewal mailing. Several years ago, PAR launched a sweepstakes to encourage investment in RPAC during the December-January dues-renewal season; three years in, the event has gained such momentum that an RPAC Fundraising Grant recently earned back more than nine-times its value in RPAC investment.

PAR Vice President of Government Affairs Marc Scher explains the necessity of having such a ‘sweeping’ effort. “We never have the opportunity of seeing the whole membership at any given meeting, and we understand that not everyone’s paying attention to each and every newsletter we issue. Our billing statement, emailed December 1, is the only universally viewed vehicle we have. It’s our best opportunity to reach our members, educate them, and encourage investment in RPAC.” It’s in the best interest of RPAC to make that opportunity interesting, exciting, and completely convenient, he notes, adding that members now look forward to the annual RPAC sweepstakes, making the whole event a win-win.

That means Scher is always thinking of the most attractive prizes to offer in the upcoming sweepstakes. This year, the $7,000 REALTOR® Party grant was used to purchase prizes for four RPAC investment levels: $30 Arizona Fair Share; $50 Bronze; $100 Copper; and Major Investors of $1,000 and up. Investors were automatically entered into the drawing for prizes such as an Apple iPhone 8+, an airline gift card, an Apple Watch, an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon Signature Massage, a professional chef cooking an in-home dinner for four, a round of golf at an exclusive local club — even an indoor sky-diving session.

In total, Phoenix REALTORS® invested $63,919: an increase of $10,000 over the previous year. Just as significant, says Scher, is the fact that more than 300 members joined the ranks as first-time RPAC investors this year, and a number of existing investors increased their investment amount to correspond to higher sweepstake categories.

An easy-read “What is RPAC?” lesson was linked to the billing statement, to help all members understand the importance of the fund. “We introduce RPAC in all of our classes, meetings, and new member orientations,” says Scher, “but we want to make sure that this information is also connected to the exciting prospect of entering the sweepstakes. It’s important that members understand not only that they should invest, but what RPAC does. It’s that understanding that will make them become repeat investors.

Scher cautions that, although the RPAC Sweepstakes isn’t a live event like a chili cook-off or an auction, it still takes a great many hours of preparation and behind-the-scenes work.  “And while PAR’s budget covers the intensive marketing, there’s no way we could do this without the REALTOR® Party grant that allows us to offer so many great prizes. We’re so pleased that working together with the REALTOR® Party, we’re able to spur such robust RPAC investment from our members.”

To learn more about how the Phoenix Association is having great success encouraging RPAC fundraising with a billing statement sweepstakes, contact Marc Scher, Vice President of Government Affairs, at 602-246-1012.

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Creativity Help Associations Keep RPAC Investments at an All-time High

“Vote. Act. Invest.”  It’s the rallying cry of the REALTOR® Party, and REALTORS® are increasingly taking it to heart, investing in record numbers in 2017.  With 35% of the membership investing in RPAC in the past year, NAR’s ability to support REALTOR® Champions in campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels is stronger than ever.

This record-level investment, from the $15 investors (whose ranks have grown 11% in the past year) to the Major Investors (who’ve increased by 14%,) yielded a national fundraising total for RPAC that represents a whopping 108% of its goal for 2017.  Beyond RPAC investments, last year saw the President’s Circle, which contributes directly to REALTOR® Champions who support NAR’s public policy agenda, had a record 1,207 participants in the program.

According to Lauren Facemire, NAR’s Managing Director for RPAC & Political Fundraising, the key to the steady growth of the REALTOR® Party’s political fundraising is the ongoing effort by state and local associations to promote a culture of investment.  “It’s tried and true” she says: “when associations demonstrate the value of investing in RPAC, they inevitably see a rise in member participation.”

This might mean arranging visits from the dedicated volunteer leaders on NAR’s various RPAC Committees, who are especially effective with its peer-to-peer appeals. Many smaller associations are beginning to use the PAC Management System, a user-friendly platform that helps them to create online fundraising campaigns that are designed by NAR and allow for custom messaging. Facemire adds that RPAC Fundraising Grants are being used at an all-time high, as associations across the country discover that events that bring members together for professional camaraderie and networking can also be a good way to engage them in RPAC investing.  According to the RPAC team chili cook-offs and raffles are perennially popular, too, but less conventional event ideas are also gaining a foothold among many fun-loving boards:

In Hampton Roads, Virginia, the 3,400-member board hosted an outdoor RPAC ‘Yappy Hour’ raising $3,722 in investments from its dog-loving members and affiliates.  Held on the association’s own property, and featuring a splash pool, obedience contests, games of canine skill, and a dog-food donation drive for the local animal shelter, the event targeted first-time investors and was underwritten by more than seventeen affiliate sponsors.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, an ‘Epic Water Battle’ brought in $11,550 for RPAC from the local mega-association’s Young Professional Network (YPN). It was a sporting day in the desert, where higher investments meant larger water-weapons, and spectators could support players with investments in gear ranging from ponchos to water balloon ammunition.

The Ohio Association of REALTORS® transformed an existing event into an RPAC fundraiser when incoming President Tiffany Myer hosted a riverboat cruise to celebrate her inauguration. The $100-ticket event was the high point of the annual state convention, and featured a presentation by national RPAC volunteer Charlie Oppler, together with the state leadership, encouraging guests to step up to Major Investor status.  All proceeds from the $39,100 raised went to RPAC.

To learn more about the increasing success of RPAC fundraising, contact Lauren Facemire, NAR’s Managing Director for RPAC Fundraising, at 202-383-1080.

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2017 Triple Crown Winners Announced

The winners are finally in for the 2017 Triple Crown. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our industry and RPAC in 2017. It is because of your spirit and leadership that NAR had such great successes this past year.

Congratulations to the 24 states and territories and 431 local associations that won the 2017 Triple Crown, including:

Arkansas Louisiana North Dakota Tennessee
Colorado Maine Oklahoma Texas
Florida Missouri Pennsylvania Utah
Idaho Nebraska Rhode Island Vermont
Illinois Nevada South Carolina U.S. Virgin Island
Kentucky New Mexico South Dakota West Virginia







View a list of the local REALTOR® Association winners.


Questions? Contact Jackie Zaporowski at 202-383-1029.

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RPAC Disbursements

RPAC is one of the most bipartisan political action committees (PACs) in the country, giving to both Democrats and Republicans alike. The only stipulation is that the candidate be REALTOR® Champions—members of Congress and candidates who support REALTOR®-friendly issues. Through direct contributions, our opportunity race program and independent expenditures, we ensure that REALTOR® issues are heard on Capitol Hill.

RPAC Federal Disbursement Resources

Who has RPAC contributed to?

 RPAC Congressional Candidate Screening: Instructions for State & Local Associations

Candidate Questionnaire

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2017 President’s Cup Winners Announced

The winners are finally in for the 2017 President’s Cup. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our industry and the REALTOR® Party in 2017. It is because of your spirit and leadership that NAR had such great successes this past year. The year-end 2017 President’s Cup Report is now available:

Congratulations to the 16 states and 260 local associations that won the 2017 President’s Cup, Including:

Arkansas New Mexico
Idaho North Dakota
Illinois Oklahoma
Kentucky South Dakota
Louisiana Tennessee
Missouri Utah
Nebraska Vermont
Nevada West Virginia







View a list of the local REALTOR® Association winners

Questions about RPAC goals or totals? Contact Jackie Zaporowski at 202-383-1029. Questions about advocacy goals or totals? Contact Victoria Givens at 202-383-1021.

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Major Investor Events 101

Whether this is your first time hosting a Major Investor event or you’ve planned an event before, view our webinar and PowerPoint presentation.  It covers everything you need to know about planning and hosting these events from start to finish.  Some of our policies and procedures recently changed and this helpful guide will update you on every detail.

  • Webinar
  • Presentation
  • Major Investor Event Videos
    Join past Major Investor Council Chair Gary J. Reggish for an informative and useful tutorial on how to plan and host a Major Investor Fundraising Event. Hear best practices for hosting your event and provides tips to ensure you achieve incredible results.
  • RPAC Major Investor Events and Reimbursements Webinar
    Planning on hosting a Major Investor Event for your local or state association?  The RPAC Major Investor Events and Reimbursements webinar reviews best practices for completing your application, and introduces you to the new event page creation process through the PAC Management System required for reimbursement of your event. Join Lauren Facemire, RPAC and Political Fundraising Managing Director, and Kelly O’Donnell, RPAC Major Investor Fundraising Representative, for a step-by-step tutorial of the basics.

Questions?  Contact Kelly O’Donnell at 202-383-7510.

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Customized RPAC Marketing Materials

RPAC creates customized materials to be used for solicitation and investor education using your state or local association logo, investor clubs and state and local issues.

Choose from 4 different template options (seen below), including RPAC Major Investor brochure that does not count toward your yearly count. RPAC will pay for the design, printing and delivery to your office of enough materials for every member in your association.

To order customized RPAC promotional materials for state and local associations, there is a special application process.

To order customized marketing materials, state and local associations must meet the following requirements:

  • State election laws do not ban use of corporate political contributions for use in fundraising
  • State and local associations are responsible for making sure the brochure is compliant with local, state and federal law
  • Use of national legislative issues and RPAC Major Investor levels
  • A minimum order of 100 brochures
  • Maximum number of brochure order cannot exceed membership count

If you do not need customized marketing brochures, you can download a printable RPAC PDF brochure and make copies for your association. Click here to download brochure, and begin printing today! This brochure is provided for you to print copies at your expense. NAR will not cover costs for printing or distribution of this brochure.

Questions? Contact RPAC Staff at Jackie Zaporowski or 202-383-1029.

Design 1: Join the Team Brochure

Design 2: Join the Team Insert

Design 3: RPAC is Your Resource Brochure

Design 4: RPAC is Your Resource Insert

Place Your Order Today

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Since 1969, the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) has promoted the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates across the United States. The purpose of RPAC is clear: voluntary contributions made by REALTORS® are used to help elect candidates who understand and support their interests. These are not members’ dues; this is money given freely by REALTORS® in recognition of the importance of the political process.


Invest in RPAC Invest in President's Circle
Invest in the Corporate Ally Program



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